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"What a delight – so nice to just pick up and open to an arbitrary page and delve into a moment of presence, awareness and productivity. With grateful thanks for your work, your ability to communicate what is happening around you and the courage to share this with the world." - Barry Coltham "I am finding your book a delight. I am dipping into it and reading chapters at random. The illustrations are delightful, and they add to the pleasure of reading the book." - Joan Joffe Observe.  Reflect.  Connect.  Share. That's what Gerrit Cloete, author of this book, enjoys doing.  Connecting his experiences with the theme of continuing to enjoy a productive, happy and fulfilling life. This book is a selection of 106 of the Monday Memos that he has been writing and sharing with readers since 2013. It offers a different view on 'productivity', blending the softer side of productivity with the harder, industrial-era mechanistic view. The industrial revolution is history.  So is its narrow definition of productivity - as far as human beings are concerned. Each reflection is beautifully illustrated by visual artist John Roome. Every drawing was specially created for this book. Why "106"?  The full story is in the book, but Gerrit wants to live to age 106, beating his stepgrandmother Martel, who lived till age 105.  One memo for every year... And as an academic postfix, well... '106' is way beyond '101'... To place an order for 10+ copies and receive a discounted unit price, please click here to send the author an email. Prefer the Kindle version? Click here for details.