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Productivity 106 is a self-help book for people who want to explore new and different ways to improve productivity. They have tried, and are tired of, old-school time management. But they do not yet have a resource to stimulate thinking differently to improve their results. In 106 super-short, fresh and inspirational essays based on his everyday experiences, Gerrit Cloete shares productivity insights and: •Challenge you to reflect on and change your current mindset to develop new productivity insights. •Enable you to easily share your new enthusiasm with team or family members using the short stories in this book. •Initiate conversations with colleagues and friends about the impact of traditional time management methods. •Give you ideas (sometimes controversial)available on tap with which to challenge your colleagues and friends when they come out in defence of outdated productivity methods. Dip into this book and you will be rewarded with gems of inspiration. Apply just a few of the ideas and suggestions to discover, for the first time or by renewal, what really matters most to you, and how to get things done in unconventional ways. In short, you will experience improved quality of life as you get more of your right things done - easier, faster and better.


A super-short 20-minute read as introduction to 8 basic work habits to rapidly and sustainably help you to enjoy an even more productive, happy and fulfilling life.