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Participants in our Outlook Productivity programme always rave about the shortcuts because it saves them so much time. I have distilled 52 of the most popular Outlook and Windows tips, tricks, and techniques from Outlook Productivity into short microlearning videos to help you learn, implement, and improve your productivity even faster. People who use these tips have found that:

  • They save (on average) 40 minutes every single day.
  • They get the same results with less effort.
  • It's easy to learn - and to teach others.
We are hosting your videos in a special segment in our Online School of Productivity platform.  You can watch the videos on any of your devices, 24/7.  We will email you your login link within 18 hours of receiving confirmation of your payment.   Your videos are yours to use for 52 weeks - one week to learn and deeply implement each tip. Scroll down to see a sample of three videos and frequently asked questions.